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Ham Radio  D-Star

I am a D-Star lover. Since April 2017, we began a pilot of XLX Multiprotocol Reflector Gateway in Takatsuki City Osaka JAPAN.

Please add the REF569 xlxreflector.jpn.ph"
"XRF569 xlxreflector.jpn.ph"

in your reflector lists. This wonderful Linux program was developed by Luc Engelemann XL1IQ. We would like you to establish the refrector of D-Star by using this program.

Click here to open dashbord

Tank you very so much Luc.

Still more, in March 2016, JR3VH Club began experimental testing of the first XLX Reflector in JAPAN.

DV on HF  Since Jun 2012, I am watching DV(digital voice) test on HF in U.S.A.

 At last, I could make contact with the station from USA on 10 meters. It was 2014/2/09 and 2014/2/10 is my birthday. Then I could make contact with the station from Australia as well.

Click here for their schedule.
55 feet high two(2) element CQ anttena for the 6,10,15 meters band.
 FT65 and PSK mode at HF or Internet These days, Kazu JQ1HDR suply us very interesting software so calld CQ100 Controller which can be used for the picture exchange with PSK or JT65 mode by the CQ-100 over the internet.
Click here to download the software at Kaze JQ1HDR software page
We can exchange WMV and MP4 format VIDEO and MP3 format music with PSK mode as well.
 D-Star QSL CARD You are able to draw my digital voice QSL card from here
HF  QSL CARD You are able to draw my QSL card (except HF digital voice QSO) from here
Downloads  There are PDF files which arranged my experience about EasyPal,MMSSTV,FT65-HF controler, PSK_HTML, and MixW2 over internet. A soundcard adjustment was very important on them.  
I have experienced about JT65-HF controller of the picture exchange with CQ-100.
 Flowers  imgflower My wife cultivate some bloom in the tiny garden.
Home Island
Sanagi shima island is located in Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa Prefecture.
 sanagi Use Chopsticks
When you visit Japan I recommend you to have Japanese foods with your chopsticks.