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The Picture Exchange with PSK and JT65-HF Mode

Kazu JQ1HDR supply us very interesting software named JT65_HF_Image_Controller. I express my thanks to him for this software. With his permission, I have his software here and you are able to download his software from here. Following pictures are received with PSK or JT65-HF mode with the CQ-100 over internet by JT65_HF_Image_Controller and PSK Image Front or JT65-HF Version Basically, when we exchange the picture with JT65-HF mode, use two programs of gJT65-HF Versionh and JT65_HF_Image_Controller and, for the PSK mode, we use two programs of gPSK Image Fronth and "CQ100 Controller". The long and short of it is that we need the gJT65_HF_Image_Controllerh to the both of JT65-HF mode and PSK mode. The "JT65_HF_Image_Controllerh is managing the picture of the both of those two modes.
I knew that we are able to exchange WMV,MP4,MP3 format with JT65_HF_Image_Controller and PSK Image Front. As you know WMV and MPW are for the VIDEO and MP3 is for the music.
The JT65-HF Controller is mainly used on the air as usual and can be downloaded from URL which is indicated in the follwing table.

Software Downloads
 Items  Softwares or PDF files Simboles 
JT65-HF Controller  
 Installation reference of JT65-HF Controller for the VIDEO  JT65-HF Image Controller for the VIDEO.pdf  

PSK Image Front  
JT65-HF  JT65-HF Version  
Operation reference of JT65 mode on the air   The picture exchange with JT65.pdf  
CQ-100  CQ-100
The JT65_HF_Image_Controller is the software for the internet and HF radio is handling the picture of the PSK mode or JT65-HF mode. As I mention at above,You are able to enjoy exchange of picture with the PSK mode or the JT65-HF mode by your CQ-100 or HF radio. Bothe of voice and picture signal can be managed at same time while we send the picture and my guess is that this function is a remarkable strong point.
 Schematic of my understanding of PSK & JT65-HF mode
Click here for very interesting JQ1HDR Home Page
Kazu JQiHDR home page is very interesting. You are able to download many interesting software from his page as well. 
The latest received picture at JA3GQJ 
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